Imagine a wind turbine, more efficient, less expensive,
modular, scaleable, selfregulating.

Let's face the facts!

New Dynamics in Wind Power

Carbon Free

Carbon free energy at reasonable costs addresses a global need – Wind turbines are currently one of the most promising technologies in the renewable energy sector.


Technical breakthrough in wind turbine design allows efficiency increases of up to 75% versus regular turbines – certified in wind channel tests.

Light Weight

Newest carbon manufacturing technologies for mass production ensure light weight and extremely low cost production.




Short, but convincing:

The Story


The major invention represents a new design of a small wind turbine which increases the efficiency and hence power output for given wind speeds. Additionally, newest manufacturing technologies have been studied for mass production of carbon-fiber materials in order to withstand high loads and decrease the weight of the product.


The new technology leads to improvements which will have specific economic impact. On the one hand, it is so far not possible to produce this high power output (5 kW) at the given wind speed of 8 m/s with a rotor diameter of just 2 m.

In addition, it will be possible to run the turbine efficiently at lower wind speeds as they are present near ground and in urban areas. This new invention will therefore allow customers to generate more energy with a smaller and hence cheaper model and generate energy as well in areas with lower wind profiles.




Looking for opportunities?

Investment Considerations

Manageable Risk

Since prototype financing and production preparation are already funded, subsequent investors bear considerably lower risks.

Upside Potential

If the conservative business plan figures materialize, share prices should more than double in three years – an already foreseen international expansion is not yet considered within these figures.

Protected Innovation

The international patent filing as well as the cooperation with a leading global construction company already support the expansion phase of the company at this point.

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